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We develop solutions and new services in close cooperation with our customers. We also support our customers in achieving their sustainability targets. 


Intelligent industry – digitalization and automation solutions of sustainable development

With the help of digitalization, we help our customer companies meet the ever-increasing demands for better raw material and energy efficiency, promote the reduction of environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals. We help our customers live according to sustainable development, and through our operations we support their systematic work to minimize the environmental impacts with sustainable digitalization and automation solutions. 

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Defence – responsible operations are secure operations

The priority in our defence solutions is security Insta's technological solutions ensure e.g. the security and sustainability of training. For example, simulator-based training systems can be used to create training situations that would otherwise be difficult to carry out and thus the training is more environmentally friendly and safe, while keeping the training realistic.

In addition, we help make conscript service more motivational with digital solutions in cooperation with the customer. Our innovative products include products that improve pilot safety.

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Safe society – a safe society is made through cooperation

In cooperation with its customers, Insta develops services and solutions that help the Finnish society and citizens to operate securely and effortlessly. In addition to trustworthy competence and high technology designed for demanding conditions, cooperation between different parties is essential for the development of society.  

We work with the government and public authorities with strict responsibility targets, and we naturally adhere to our customers' requirements very closely. We do our part in helping our customers to achieve their responsibility targets. In addition, we require that our partners adhere to responsibility targets as well. 

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Data and cyber security – responsible and secure digitalization

As the world becomes more digital, the importance of cyber security and usability is emphasized in services and products. New digital services are useful if they can always be trusted. Therefore, cyber security and usability must be taken into account in the planning of services as well as in the maintenance phase and further development. When it comes to our operations, it is important for us to take responsibility for the security of our customers, partners, and the environment – we use our cyber security solution to protect our customers' critical resources, among other things. 

The reliability and data security of our own processes are also increasingly emphasized, and we are developing them continuously. 

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