Miia Onkalo, Insta Vice President Business Development

26 - 4 - 2024 - Insights

The work to build a more secure society continues

In the near future, previous trends of accelerated technological development and digitalization, as well as responsibility and mitigating climate change, will come to the forefront. These trends will transition more strongly from research and objectives into practice and implementation

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The recent years’ instability and unpredictability in the world have pushed some megatrends to the background in discussions as a result of COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the near future, the previous trends of accelerating technological development and digitalization as well as sustainability and the mitigation of climate change will rise to the top, and the trends will transition more strongly from research and goal setting to practical implementation.

Insta’s strengths include secure digitalization and building a secure society. The same themes continue to prevail but at a faster pace. A threat-driven world view strengthens the role of defence industry and cyber security and, on the other hand, stresses the importance of reliable critical infrastructure.

We at Insta are building new things and will continue to rely on our competence. The technologies that our research projects focus on – such as autonomy and AI – will eventually find their way into our products and customer solutions. Insta is already building solutions for sustainability and climate change mitigation in various business functions, and their significance will grow as we near the 2030s. Our careful focus on cyber security products and data-based solutions for the industry grows our product portfolio while meeting the needs of society. In defence business, we create solutions for the changed world, warfare, and internationality. The role of internationality in product development will increase in the future.

Miia Onkalo

Miia Onkalo

Vice President, Business Development, Insta Advance

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