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For Media

Our communication team helps the media with any questions concerning Insta and in finding information and suitable experts.


Media contacts

Contact us, we will be happy to help. Our experts are available to the media for interviews and background information. You can find photos and logos in our Material Packages. Media inquiries media(at)insta.fi

Teemu Sainio
Communications Manager

Photos and logos

In our Material Packages, you can find our logos and photos. They can be freely published in Insta related content, but Insta should be mentioned as the source.

Download logos

Download general photos

Download photos of our products and services

Digital Annual Review and Future Outlook

Insta's digital annual review and future outlook 2022 includes consolidated financial statements, information on Insta as a company and information about our progress in strategy, operations, and responsibility  The review also provides target-market-specific insights on the future and our customers' experiences.

Check out our Annual Report 2022