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Insta Blue Aware™ Situational Awareness Solution

Quick situational leadership and secure communication

Insta Blue Aware™ is a secure solution for establishing a better situational picture for situational leadership at command centers and in the field.

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Image: Pirkanmaa hospital district / Emergency care. Cooperation in the SURE (Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience) project.

Insta Blue Aware™ is made for demanding users

Why Insta Blue Aware™

Insta Blue Aware™ enhances your co-operation and decision making abilities by providing a versatile platform for forming rich and visual situational picture from your operations by combining information in real-time from various sources such as video, image, ioT-data, video, traffic data, weblinks.

It allows the command center and the units in the field to communicate and see each other's location in real time.

Insta Blue Aware™ enables:

  • Shared Situational Awareness
  • Task Management And Coordination
  • Effective and Secure Team Communication
  • Proactive Incident Management
  • Improved Safety And Security

Flexible integration

Insta Blue Aware™ is flexible and ecosystem-friendly platform. Open interfaces makes it easy to customers integrate all important data, different sensors and operator solutions into system and provide all participants in command centers and field accurate situational awareness - even if the same operation involves public authorities and third sector units.

Insta Blue Aware can be run on a server hosted by a local organization or in a cloud environment - ask different options and customer specific integrations.

New features in Insta Blue Aware™ situational awareness system

The latest version enables

  • enriching drone-provided video images with the other situational data provided by the system. In practice, users will see this as overlays of other situational information in the form of icons and drawings on top of the video images,


  • improved communication channel (voice and chat) properties,
  • new features also include easier customization for various customer needs.

Use your own smart devices 

  • Browser application - management and communication tool for the command post, dispatcher, office worker and mobile tablet user
  • Insta Blue Tracker mobile application - secure videos, pictures and location data sharing and communication tool for field worker 

Software main features

  • Voice PTT
  • Tactical chat
  • Task management
  • Team locations
  • Shared situation picture
  • Recorded history
  • Live video feeds
  • Alarms

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Insta Blue Aware™ mobile applications

Insta Blue Tracker

Insta Blue Tracker is a mobile application designed for secure situational awareness sharing and collaboration between group members. It enables sharing of videos, pictures and location data. Users can collaborate using the platform’s secure chat feature and raise alarms to the control room.


Insta Blue Sky

Insta Blue Sky is an app for executing flights with commercial DJI drones. Insta Blue Sky supports secure transmission of drones real-time video and location data to the Insta Blue Aware service.


Insta Blue Aware™ additional modules

Insta Blue GIS

Insta Blue GIS™ is a easy-to-scale geographical information solution offering mapping, geocoding, routing and data visualisation for mission critical data systems. 


Insta Blue Analytics

Analytics pipelines can be added to process video and data streams. Analytics results can raise alarms and are presented to user.


Better decisions, faster

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Comprehensive situational awareness for security authorities and other demanding users


Safe and secure - high level security built in


Task management and effective team communication

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