Key Vault

Secret and encryption key management service

Insta Key Vault

Insta Key Vault service is one of our unique solutions for securing and managing critical information. It is a centralized service to manage secrets and encryption keys. Our service helps to manage encryption keys separately from the data to be protected, enabling the use of SaaS and public clouds also for critical data, taking compliance into account.

Manage your encryption keys, protect your data

Insta Key Vault provides centralized management and visibility of encryption keys and secrets through an easily accessible web interface. It enables many different use cases, such as:

  • Data masking and tokenization

  • Centralized encryption key management: on-premises applications and all public clouds (BYOK/HYOK)

  • File encryption

  • Key insight – find and analyze all keys used across multicloud environments

  • Secrets management, e.g., API keys and machine credentials

Why choose Insta's Key Vault?

Our service is provided from a high assurance ISO/IEC 27001 audited Insta Service Center, operated by experienced Finnish professionals. The service is monitored, supported and maintained 24/7.

  • We have over 30 years of experience in cyber security, and we provide cyber security services for customers with a high level of security

  • Our service allows customers to focus on their core competencies without needing to allocate resources to specialized expertise or equipment, such as HSM

  • In addition to the SaaS model, we offer the Insta Key Vault service as a managed service, where we assist our customers to operate in following with the best practices and can also omit the admin user role if needed.

Download Insta Key Vault datasheet

Insta Key Vault

Solutions and Support for a Financial Sector Client

One of our clients' strategies was to digitize their entire business, with public clouds playing a significant role. However, to be compliant with todays and future regulations, our customer made a risk-based decision that the encryption keys protecting sensitive (GDPR) information need to be on a separate platform than the data itself.

Our customer pointed out (in accordance with the EDPB's guidelines) that regarding data subject to GDPR, the encryption keys must be on a different platform than the data itself, and they must genuinely be under the client's control. The solution also needed to integrate with multiple public clouds. Our client needed help with the day-to-day administration of the solution due to their small IT department, and they also lacked in-depth knowledge of PKI or encryption practices. Insta Key Vault offered the possibility to use public cloud for these applications while maintaining compliance.

Unlike pure SaaS solutions, Insta was also able to offer much-needed additional support for managing the solution as well as creating the necessary key management processes and practices.

Insta Key Vault

Certified security

ISO/IEC 27001 certification, ITIL compliance

Experienced security specialists

30 years of experience in PKI, certificates, keys and HSM’s

Test services available

Deployment project starts with Proof-of-Concept

Flexibility and scalability

Highly customizable service offering to match your needs

Insta Service Center

Service hosted at 24/7 High Assurance

The Insta Key Vault service helps protect and manage your critical information.

Take Cloud Keys into Your Own Hands

The use of public cloud services has increased, but it is crucial for security to carefully manage encryption keys. External key management services offer better control and transition between different services. Chief Security Specialist Mika Suvanto's blog explains how to choose the appropriate key management model according to your needs and ensure the security of your data.

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