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Establish situational awareness in cyber security with the help of our experts

Expert Services in cyber security situational awareness

Whether you need centralized log management in line with auditing requirements, a SIEM monitoring solution that considers the individual characteristics of your organization, or ways to support SOC operators and handling processes in reaching the next level of maturity, you can leverage our expert services. We can implement challenging system integrations, train your personnel, or support your experts in establishing situational awareness in cyber security.

Comprehensive Expert Services: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Our expert services can assist you, whether you need centralized log management that meets audit requirements, a SIEM monitoring solution tailored to your organization's specific needs, or support for SOC operators and processes to reach the next maturity level. We handle complex system integrations, train your staff, or support your experts in creating a cybersecurity situational awareness

Our expert services

  • We plan and implement solutions backed by our experience from dozens of previous deployments.

  • You can leverage our professionals’ expertise flexibly according to your demands and needs – from consulting to turnkey deliveries.

  • As a product agnostic supplier, we can help you find the best technical solution.

  • Our product-certified experts have strong competence in several of the industry’s leading products, including IBM Security QRadar, Elastic Stack, and Microsoft Sentinel.

  • Our experts have nearly 100 years of combined experience in working with cyber security situational awareness.

  • We know the technologies and processes as well as how to adapt them to various operating environments and requirement frameworks.

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