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Patent issued for innovative VPN encryption solution

The continuous advancements and innovations in encryption device technology play an essential role in improving information security in an increasingly complex digital world.

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Insta SafeLink is a VPN solution that was developed for the strong protection of communication for security-critical organizations. Now, the solution’s hardware-based encryption functionality has been issued a patent. The patent was issued by the European Patent Office (EPO) and it is valid in several European countries.

The patent demonstrates Insta’s long-standing product development and state-of-the-art technological expertise. From the user’s perspective, the functionality enables fast encryption even in large networks with a high security classification. It improves the security and performance of the hardware-based encryption with red/black separation, and it benefits our customers that operate in demanding environments.

– The patented invention is related to the ongoing product development of our security class II (SECRET) encryption device that is a part of the SafeLink VPN product range. Product development is an important way for Insta’s cyber security business to further improve our offering and meet our customers’ changing needs, and we will continue making investments in this area, says Mika Joutsenvirta, Director of Network Security from Insta.

Ari Nissinen

Ari Nissinen

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