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24 - 4 - 2024 - Insights

The cyber operating environment has changed and continues to evolve

Technological development is making the world more complex, and cyber security solutions must at a minimum keep up with the pace in order for society to utilize the new opportunities.

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The incredibly rapid development of artificial intelligence enables completely new kinds of solutions while also creating new threats that need to be taken into account. Cloud services are increasingly becoming part of the entire infrastructure, and on the horizon, there are also changes brought about by quantum computing that need to be prepared for. Along with the changes, a wide range of new directives, legislation, and guidelines are coming into force, which must be taken into account. As a solution provider, Insta invests in the development of products and services, building the right partnerships, and developing competence so that we can help our customers to build, monitor, and continuously develop cyber secure systems.

Another point worth noting is that the changes in the security situation have made the cyber operating environment and cyber security increasingly important parts of security politics and ensuring the continued functioning of society. Cyber threats know no state boundaries, and there is an increased risk of activity by state-sponsored actors. In this case, it is even more important that Finland has organizations that provide high security solutions, are committed in the long-term development of national security, and that are ready to network with partners in order to meet customers’ needs. Insta is committed to this now and in the future.

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Marko Hautakangas

Marko Hautakangas

Vice President - Cyber Security

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