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Strategy 2023-2026

The best customer experience and profitable growth

Insta’s aim is to help and support our customers in a connected world that is becoming digitalized at an accelerating pace. Together, we look for solutions for ensuring social stability, improving competitiveness, and making the green transition possible. Our strategic aim is to empower a secure and sustainable future for our customers and stakeholders now and in the future.

Empowering a secure and sustainable future

Security is part of our core competence, culture, and approach. It is one of our key customer segments. We want to continue securing our customers’ business functions in all situations – including products, services, projects, or turnkey solutions.
We act responsibly and ensure continuity and sustainable development together with our customers. We take care of the environment and the well-being of people.

We help our customers reach their sustainability targets. We improve energy efficiency, optimize the use of raw materials, and minimize emissions. We choose proven technologies that provide high quality and long-term reliability.

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Our strategic goals:


We understand our customers’ field of business as well as the industry’s challenges and needs. Our vision enables us to help our customers as well as to create and offer solutions that they value. We are a strong and stable family-owned company, whose open and agile work culture makes strong partnerships and ecosystems possible for us. We engage in long-term collaboration with our partners and build partner networks around our own solutions.


We want to be the partner that offers the best customer experience and reaches profitable growth with our customers, including internationally.


We find it important that employees are able to enjoy their work, manage stress, and achieve a work–life balance. An inspired, competent, and committed team is an essential success factor for us.


Growth requires finding new markets. We are aiming for international markets with our cyber security products and services as well as defence solutions.

Success factors and the best place to do meaningful work

We are a technological front runner that offers tailored services and comprehensive solutions. We grow and internationalize together with our customers. We engage in close collaboration with our partners and build partner networks around our own sustainable solutions.

In addition to offering the best customer experience, our strategic goals include being Finland’s most competent expert in secure digitalization, automation, and software consulting. We want to ensure that Insta employs the best experts in their respective fields and we want to be the best place to do meaningful work. Our satisfied, professional employees make up our most important success factor. 

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Succes factor

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Products and services that our customers value

Our products and services are valued by customers and meet customer needs. We engage in close collaboration with our partners and build partner networks.

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Comprehensive solutions that create customer value

We offer comprehensive solutions that create value for the customer. With our life-cycle services, the customer can focus on their core competence. Our customer understanding ensures that we know our customers’ challenges and needs.

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A front runner in technology

We know new technologies and apply them to the customer’s challenges in new and innovative ways.

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An inspired, competent, and committed team

Our work inspires us, and we develop our competence continuously. We are a family-owned company with an atmosphere that encourages open dialog, which supports our success and enjoyment at work.

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Continuous competence development

Our customers can rely on our very high level of up-to-date competence and our technically advanced and competitive solutions.

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