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60 years of worth your trust

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Over 60 years of worth your trust

Finn Mattsson founded Mattsson & K:nit Company with his partners in a cellar at Sammonkatu 25 in Tampere. The company specialised in industrial instrumentation.

Over the decades, with strong family business values, Insta has developed into a market leader in its chosen fields.

Today Insta is a trusted technology partner and front runner, with more than 1000 experts. We are empowering safety and a sustainable future. People, knowledge, and responsibility are the cornerstones of our company culture.  

Openness, learning, trust, and teamwork guide and set the pace for our everyday life. In the future, our growth and internationalization will continue with our partners and customers.

Insta 60 years
Insta history 1960 Sammonkatu 1965


All begins in a cellar

In 1960, Finn Mattsson founded Mattsson & K:nit Company with his partners in a cellar at Sammonkatu 25 in Tampere. The company specialised in the fitting of industrial instrument. Automation was on the way in. The first technicians and engineers trained in automation had just graduated, and large companies employed foreign fitters. The company’s first real display of its expertise was the instrumentation of a boiler plant in the central hospital in Tampere.



Aviation maintenance and engineering operations

In the summer of 1972, an affiliate company with the name Instrumentointi Oy began operations in a new field, providing repair services and maintenance equipment for aircraft. Maintenance of aviation equipment in the 1970s has been the foundation of our present aviation services. Today, our activities include extensive testing, research and product development services, aeronautical products, life cycle planning and services, and unmanned aviation services.

In the 1970s, engineering operations were launched to support the Automatiikka-Asentajat fitting business. In 1979, engineering operations branched off as a separate department with the appointment of a department manager. Through digitalisation, the company has progressed from drawing boards, ink and markers to electronic tools.

90s Tuksi-simulator Insta


Work on simulators and military tehnology begins

The 1980s saw the launch of development work related to military technology. This work emerged from simulator renewal projects in the specialist systems department, a unit branched off from the aircraft maintenance department. Our expertise was extended to training simulator and management systems. The TUKSI simulator in the photo was used for training artillery leaders.

Security and situational awareness system Insta 90s


Information security and situational awareness systems

The emerging themes for the 1990s included information security and situational awareness systems and information communications technology. Amongst other advances, we developed a real-time air defence management system, which also included a training simulator.

Instas tage technology 2000luku


Turn-Key Deliveries

As part of Insta’s engineering operations, the turn of the century marked the introduction of stage technology, starting with the main stage at TTT-Theatre in Tampere. Over the last 20 years, through the skilful use of industrial technology and the success of the Whisper control system Insta has established itself as Finland’s leading contractor for the production of stage mechanics and life cycle services.

Insta  VR glasses


Growth, innovation and renewal

At Sarankulma we have 30,000 square-metre campus area. We operate close to our customers in many parts of Finland, including the Helsinki metropolitan area, Satakunta, Muurame, Imatra, Porvoo, Oulu, Raisio, Kuopio and Varkaus. We also operate in Munich.

Intopalo Digital’s software development engineers joined the Insta family in 2018. At the Tampere Finlayson office, Insta carries out demanding intelligent industry solutions that utilize the most modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing and virtual reality.

Insta 60 years


We look into the future with confidence

Over the decades, Insta has developed into a market leader in its chosen fields. Our customer-centred focus and technological expertise have enabled us to be pioneers in these areas.

Our partnership with key customers is based on mutual trust–hence our motto, “worth your trust”.People, knowledge and responsibility are the cornerstones of our company culture, and our strategy continues to develop.

We look into the future with confidence and continue to work for a safe and competitive society – as a trusted partner for our customers.

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