Insta Employees

Expert services in data protection

Insta’s experienced professionals can assist your organization with all aspects of data protection. We can provide you with competent, practical support in areas such as the performance of data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), preparation of data processing agreements, assessment of protection mechanisms used in international data transfers, and the definition of data protection requirements for your organization.

Our experts have broad experience in data protection regulations and the application of best practices in different sectors that enables a cost-effective way of boosting your organization’s data protection efforts. We can help your organization with the development of a privacy policy and privacy statements, trainings, instructions, and processes as well as their practical implementation.

Comprehensive data protection expertise 

Our experts can advise and support you with the following areas and aspects of data protection, for example:  

  • Data protection impact assessments (DPIA) 

  • Assessments of current status in data protection 

  • Privacy statements and other documentation 

  • Processes related to the rights of data subjects 

  • Personal data breaches 

  • Assessments of the data protection of services and systems 

  • Roles of the controller and processor as well as joint controller arrangements 

  • Agreements on the processing of personal data and international transfers 

  • Reporting to the management on data protection 

  • Employee training 

  • Assessment of cookie practices 

  • Records of processing activities 

  • Implementation of data protection by design and by default in the service and application framework 

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