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Insta Group will be changing its CEO

Insta Group will be changing its CEO. Niklas Mattsson will act as the Group's Interim CEO. At the same time, the board has launched the search for a new CEO.

President and CEO Henry Nieminen is resigning from Insta Group’s service. For more than six years, he has been at the helm of the group, which focuses on industrial digitalisation, cybersecurity and defence technology, successfully building the company’s growth and customer relationships.

- On behalf of the board and the entire company, I would like to thank Henry Nieminen for his strong role in leading and further developing the company. Insta has a strong position on the market and its outlook is positive. The company has a very competent and committed management team and personnel, says Markus Mattsson, Chairman of the Board.

Niklas Mattsson, the Vice Chairman of the Board, will act as the Group’s Interim CEO. He has versatile experience in the operation of the family business. At the same time, the board has launched the search for a new CEO with the aim of choosing a new person for the role by next spring.

- Insta is a great company with a strong brand and excellent products and services, which give it a firm position on the domestic market. The company is growing profitably and the future outlook is positive for all business areas, domestically as well as internationally. Our long customer and partner relationships create a strong foundation for building future growth. We are looking forward to the future with confidence, together with our highly competent personnel and current and future customers, Niklas Mattsson explains.

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