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26 - 4 - 2024 - News

Insta continues its strong performance – 13th consecutive year of net sales growth

The year 2023 was a year of records for the technology company Insta. Net sales grew by more than 13% and accelerated to a new record of EUR 173.9 million. At the same time, the past year was Insta’s thirteenth consecutive year of growth.

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During the past year, we took major steps toward potential future growth. In the defence business, we launched the Insta Steel product family. We signed a cooperation agreement with Lockheed Martin on the implementation of a data relay and filtering solution for military use and obtained a patent for the Insta Safelink TL II encryption device – both advances play a key role in the increasingly connected defence command & control solutions that Insta has extensive experience in. In our industry business, we substantially improved our position in green energy projects, says Insta’s CEO Tapio Kolunsarka.

NATO membership and the green transition driving future growth

At the end of 2024, Insta changed its organization and leadership model that is strongly linked with ensuring Insta’s competitiveness. The new model formed two strong, competitive business areas: Insta Industry and Insta Advance. The group includes four fields of business: industry, defence, and software consulting are linked together by diverse expertise in cyber security.

- In 2024, we expect net sales to grow and profitability to remain at a good level. Insta’s growth will be propelled forward by the existing product development projects, Finland’s NATO membership, the new purchases made by the Finnish Defence Forces in order to improve performance, and the Finnish industry’s investments in the green transition.

In March of this year, Insta signed a collaboration agreement with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA).The agreement enables Insta to offer the NCI Agency, for NATO’s own needs or for use in other NATO countries, commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS) and services, such as situational picture systems, command & control systems and cyber security services, data encryption and gateway solutions as well as software services. The procurement of the F-35 fighters and Insta’s strong role as a provider of avionics maintenance services will provide work for a long time to come.

- Our customer satisfaction is at a high level (Net Promoter Score of 61), which encourages us to keep doing what we are doing. In particular, we receive praise for the high professional competence of our personnel and our reliability, Kolunsarka says.

International partner for industry and cyber security

Insta’s know-how in cyber security is already being utilized in more than 50 countries and across all continents. Our partnerships play a significant role in internationalization. We strengthened our position as a valued cyber security operator with a very strong growth of 28%.

Growth in the industry business area was also stable. We are making Finnish industrial history in the field of renewable energy production by delivering the automation and data management system for P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen and synthetic methane production facility, among other things.

he new, energy-efficient production facility that will be completed in Sarankulma, Tampere in the fall of 2024 will significantly increase the production of the tailored electrical and automation cabinets that are used in nuclear power plants and luxury cruise ships alike.

Securing everyday life in Finland

Over the course of last year, Insta hired more than 130 software developers, automation experts, cyber security professionals, and other specialists. We continuously hire new people to become part of our high-performance teams that, in one way or another, secure everyday life for everyone in Finland. Healthy, inspired, competent, and committed employees are a unique success factor.

- We want Insta to employ the best experts, and we want our personnel to be happy and develop with us. As a family company and in alignment with our culture, we have especially focused on finding the best solutions for everyone in their current position in life as regards the working hour arrangements and personnel benefits, Kolunsarka says.

Insta in 2023 – New net sales record and a trusted partner

  • Net sales €173.9 M, grew by 13.4% (2022)

  • EBIT €17.0 M

  • Top level customer satisfaction – NPS 61

  • Attractive place to work – Approximately 1,100 employees

  • International – Our know-how in cyber security is being utilized in more than 50 countries, and we promoted the exporting of our defence solutions to international markets.

  • Net sales growth of 28% in cybersecurity services (2022)

  • Record year in deliveries of electrical and automation cabinets for wide range of applications, e.g. nuclear power plants as well as luxury cruise ships.

Insta Group Oy’s Annual Report and Future Review for 2023 has been published.

Check out our annual report 2023

Further information:

President & CEO Tapio Kolunsarka tapio.kolunsarka(at)

Communications Manager Teemu Sainio, teemu.sainio(at)

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