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Collaboration and co-development – Insta’s customer satisfaction survey 2023

According to our customer satisfaction survey, our customers report that working with us is even smoother than before and our professional competence is rated very high. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which tracks customers’ willingness to recommend us, is excellent at 61, and we would like to thank our customers for the trust they place in us.

The customer satisfaction survey was completed in collaboration with Innolink, and this was the third time that our operations were examined at the Group level and business area-specifically. The survey focused on Insta’s strategic position among our customers. In addition, it collected feedback on where we have succeeded and what our areas for improvement are.

Insta was praised for smooth collaboration and high professional competence

Working with Insta was considered to be very smooth and easy, and it received a total score of 4.5 (on a scale from 1 to 5). We were also praised for the high professional competence of our personnel and our reliability as a supplier.

More than one third (34 %) of the respondents felt that Insta’s operations had improved in the past year. This figure grew by 6 percentage points since last year’s survey.

The responses indicate that the activity of Sales has taken a leap, which is worthwhile as customers value having a knowledgeable and active contact person. Other areas of success included the expertise of Sales, useful customer visits, and development of customer relationships.

All in all, the respondents gave Insta a total score of our customer experience 4.1, which exceeds the reference value for an average customer survey in Innolink’s reference database (4.0).

Sustainability is an important part of Insta’s operations, and our solutions help many of our customer’s with their own sustainability efforts. We were glad to see that 75% of the respondents felt that Insta has succeeded in helping them reach their own organization’s sustainability targets well or very well. The average score for successful impact on sustainability targets was high: 4.1 .

Results from Insta Group Oy’s customer satisfaction survey 2023
  • 4.5 Smooth and easy collaboration
  • 4.3 Professional competence of personnel4.3 Reliability as a supplier
Scale: 1 to 5 (1 very poor – 5 very good).

Excellent willingness to recommend with an NPS of 61

We track customer experience with the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is the most internationally known indicator for satisfaction and willingness to recommend.

Our customers’ willingness to recommend us is very high – Insta’s total NPS was 61. This is clearly higher than the average score for all B2B companies in Innolink’s reference database, which is 39.

NPS is based on asking the customer how willing they are to recommend the company to their colleagues or acquaintances. Based on their score, the respondents are divided into Promoters (9–10), Passives (7–8), and Detractors (0–6), and the total NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

– I would like to thank all of Insta’s customers and partners for the good collaboration and development. It is wonderful to see that our versatile expertise is trusted even more in such uncertain times, which allows us to create an even safer tomorrow together. 2023 was a year of strong progress for our company, and we are now well positioned for the future. I am especially proud of our personnel, whose solid expertise and commitment are directly reflected in our high NPS of 61, says Insta’s President and CEO Tapio Kolunsarka.

Boldly going forward together with our customers

The customer survey provides us with valuable information as we develop our operations to be even better and more customer oriented. Continuous improvement and development lay the foundation for successful, long-term partnerships. Areas for improvement identified in the survey included ensuring sufficient resources and flexibility and further development and deepening of customer relationships toward partnerships. One suggestion that was brought up was boldly making decisions that differentiate us from the rest of the industry and communicating Insta’s opinions more strongly.

Our customers’ comments say a lot about deep collaboration and the mutual appreciation of competence.

“A professional and reliable partner.”

All in all, collaboration with customers is excellent. The experts in different roles are competent, and our organizations worked very well together.”

“A positive and innovative player.”

“Always a highly solution-oriented approach toward the customer’s requests and needs.”

“A positive and innovative player.”

“All in all, collaboration with customers is excellent. The experts in different roles are competent, and our organizations worked very well together.”

“Always a reliable partner with internationally valued expertise.”

Insta has conducted customer satisfaction surveys with Innolink since 2013. The latest survey was carried out online between November and December 2023, and the results are based on 97 responses.

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