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Insta participating the city of Tampere urban security project – SURE

The SURE – Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience Project of the city of Tampere in Finland has received a funding of EUR 3.2 million from the EU's European Regional Development Fund and its Urban Innovative Actions initiative. The project aims to improve the security of residents and visitors in Tampere by developing smart security solutions associated with urban environment. The purpose is to predict the movements of large masses of people, the safe use of public spaces and the effect of urban security services and infrastructure on people's behavior. Insta participates in creating a comprehensive urban security solution that will be completely new and unique. The key areas of the project are Ratina and the Central Square, which are used for organizing events in the Tampere city center.

The project started in early September and will last for three years. It enables developing and testing various innovative solutions, such as sensor data integration and the resulting 3D models, simulations and real-life exercises. Insta is utilizing the Insta Blue Aware ™ (IBA) situation awareness platform, which combines data, image and video sources and presents a shared, map-based situation picture in a browser. The project will also include investments in a smart lighting network, CCTV surveillance and information displays. The project led by the city of Tampere is participated by a diverse group of experts from the Safety and Security Cluster of Pirkanmaa and Smart Tampere program. The companies taking part in the project are Nokia, Insta and Securitas.

The SURE Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

Press release by the European Commission

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