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24 - 8 - 2023 - Insights

If an Organization Is Incapable of Renewal, It May Break Under Conditions of Change

Digitalisation should be taken into account in an organisation’s strategy. The key benefits of digitalisation are increased operational efficiency, improved operational quality and the organisation’s ability to renew itself.


“In terms of competitiveness, renewal is probably the most important of these abilities. If an organisation is incapable of renewal, it may break under conditions of change,” says Juha Latvala.


The three smart digitalisation themes are autonomous solutions, advanced analytics and the application of artificial intelligence in development. Autonomous solutions in the air, on the sea, on the land and underground enable products and services that can be used to improve security, the environment and the quality of life. Advanced analytics supports management by information, creates customer insight and helps us further improve the customer experience.

“The application of artificial intelligence in autonomous solutions and advanced analytics increases opportunities for customer benefits. In terms of artificial intelligence, one of the hottest trends is probably how artificial intelligence can also be used to support development, rather than only using it to make existing operations more efficient,” says Latvala.


Key trends in a digitising world include edge computing, digital twins and virtual technologies. Edge computing helps us take intelligence and security to the level of sensors, which reduces the need for transferring data and enables new functionalities, to name just two examples. Digital twins and virtual technologies make it possible to build simulation and practice environments through modelling based on operating environments, for example. “In practice environments, cooperation between people and organisations, as well as various scenarios, can be tested in very demanding situations and environments. A digital twin also helps us evaluate system development,” says Latvala.


Insta safeguards its customers’ futures. Our capabilities as a system integrator and a supplier of comprehensive solutions enable digital solutions that our customers can always trust.

Juha Latvala

Juha Latvala

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