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Pure water in any circumstances

Insta - reliable partner for society and Finnish defence over 60 years

Insta is an independent family-owned company from Tampere, Finland. It operates in the fields of defence, industry, software development and cyber security. By combining state-of-the-art expertise and smart technology, Insta increases security, performance and sustainability in a world where digitalization is accelerating change. Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and employs over 1100 experts with over 150M€ turnover.


Pure and drinkable water in normal and emergency circumstances

Pure and drinkable water delivered by a reliable water supply system is an essential capability for society in both normal and emergency circumstances. The war in Ukraine has proven that also nowadays critical infrastructure is one of the main targets in a military crisis. Finland has a world famous and unique concept for comprehensive security and defence. Finnish military rely on capabilities of society and civilian authorities to contribute to common national defence effort. Finnish Defence Forces troops, and in the future allied troops operating in Finland, also get their water for all purposes from the same facilities as the population. For them pure water delivered in bottles is not a workable primary solution because of our large country, cold climate and high number of military forces operating in different parts of the country in emergency situations. This is why our water supply systems have to guarantee the security of supply and reliable health standards also at exceptional times. This comprehensive approach is not very common in many other countries. The war in Ukraine has shown that the strategy has been successful in defending sovereignty under attack against all functions of their military and civilian society.

Two weeks ago FDF organized several local defence exercises around Finland. Clean water is a prerequisite for maintaining life even in exceptional circumstances. In the local defense exercises, e.g. water refill points are organized with water utilities. The quality of domestic water is always verified by sampling.

Continuous product development ensures an effective, ecological water supply in Finland

It is essential for the water supply to function continuously 24/7, regardless of the situation. Water is needed not only for drinking, cooking, and other household uses but also for wastewater management. Finnish water is one of the purest also according to the Environmental performance index 2022 in the categories of Sanitation and drinking water and Wastewater treatment.

Insta is the market leader in providing water supply automation systems as many as three million Finns live in areas covered by these automation systems delivered by us. Our private ownership, customer-centric approach, commitment, and strong values make us a partner whom our customers have been able to rely on for more than six decades.

In the bigger national resilience picture, Insta is a comprehensive cyber security partner for Finnish critical security actors and a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces. We secure critical infrastructure and contribute to ensuring the Finnish society’s security of supply even in emergency conditions.

Finland's tap water - taste of purity in every drop

We Finns are used to the fact that no matter where we live in the country, we can safely open the tap to fill a glass or take-along water bottle with good quality drinking water. Finnish domestic water is clean, fresh, clear, and tastes good.

So just open your Insta-bottle and fill it with pure and fresh water and enjoy.

Insta’s defence solutions provide efficient and game changing battlefield capabilities

The defence sector is challenged by the rapid technological development and the need to process and utilize the increasing amount of data in real-time, yet securely. Ensuring sufficient expertise in making use of digitalization and artificial intelligence while at the same time preventing cyber threats is critical for the future network-centric operations.

As Finland became NATO member, Insta is in an ideal position to offer defence solutions to the Allied nations and other international customers.

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Networked and multidomain defence Insta

Insta’s C5I - Command and Control Systems

We design C2 systems for both headquarter-level and field operations management requirements. Our C2 systems and comprehensive systems are typically network-centric, compatible with both national and international systems, fulfill NATO and other critical quality standards, and have high security and built-in training capabilities. The command and control systems we design are integrated into the customer's operating environment.

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Training and simulation pilot Insta

New, unique and effective combat field solution

Insta released at DSEI Expo in September the innovative Insta Steel product family developed to support active defence tactics in the field. Insta Steel Eagle™, Insta Steel Burst™ and Insta Steel Lynx™ are unique, high-performance and effective charge systems.

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Insta’s world class Cyber Security solutions for civilian and military customers

We are a trusted cyber security partner for security critical customers, both in business and government. With our solutions, we help our customers understand their critical risks and identify related vulnerabilities. As the next step, we support them to protect their critical resources and improve their capabilities of detection and response in cyber security.

We have unique Encryptor/VPN and Cross Domain Solutions for military and security customers in response to their requirement for extremely high level of security and efficiency. Insta has released a patented Encryptor/VPN solution for secret level data transformation with high throughput capability required by the battlefield actors in the years to come.

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High Security Insta SafeLink VPN Solution

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