Insta Wave measuring device in the Lempäälä Vesi's water tower

Versatile measurements for off-grid locations

Insta Wave – Measurement Solutions Based on Reliable IoT Systems for Various Industries

Insta Wave is a disturbance-immune measurement solution based on LoRa technology, offering the advantages of cost-effectiveness, long range, and security. Insta Wave transmits data from various sources wirelessly directly to the customer's automation system.

With Insta Wave, you can reliably measure wirelessly

Insta Wave is a domestically developed measurement solution based on LoRa transmission technology, designed for Nordic weather conditions. Its advantages include independence from operator networks, low power consumption, long battery life, and integration with existing automation systems.

Cost-effective Insta Wave utilizes radio frequencies designated for industrial, scientific, or medical purposes, eliminating the need for a separate radio license. Its coverage is strong even in areas where mobile networks are not available.

Insta Wave reliably transmits measurements thanks to the highly interference-resistant modulation technology of the 433 megahertz LoRa used in the solution. The IoT technology, particularly suitable for small data volumes, offers independence from operator networks and low power consumption.

An Insta employee and customer photographed from the air at the top of the Lempäälä water tower, part of the tower is cut off and the landscape in the background can be seen on the left.

Effortlessly incorporate measurement data into reporting from even wide-ranging areas

The Insta Wave measurement solution is suitable for various applications. The transmitter operates on batteries, so measurement points can be placed in a variety of ways. The solution can be used for groundwater level measurements, wireless measurement stations, and other off-grid locations, among other uses. Insta Wave is also suitable for remote reading consumer water meter solutions.

Measured pressure, flow, level, or even breach control data are transmitted by radio to a receiver connected to the customer's system, and with it to the control room as part of the reporting. Integrating Insta into automation systems is straightforward and easy to implement since the interfaces are already in place.

Insta Wave's carrying capacity is more than 20 kilometers, making it effortless to gather data from locations over a wide area. It's possible to collect measurement data from approximately one hundred transmitters to one receiver.

The Insta Wave measuring device attached to the Lempäälä water tower, the part of the antenna can be seen on the right.

A safe product designed and manufactured in Finland

Insta Wave is a completely domestic, cyber-security protected product. The data transmission from the receiver system to the automation system is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access.

The features of the Insta Wave solution are constantly being developed in a customer-oriented manner, so that it can be adapted to various customer needs as comprehensively as possible.

Another advantage of Insta Wave is its cost-effectiveness. The customer owns the networks and equipment, so there is no monthly billing for their use.

Insta Wave measuring device close-up on a light gray background.
An Insta employee and a customer are standing on top of the water tower, posing with the Insta Wave measurement solution.
The cooperation between Lempäälän Vesi and Insta has gone well

Lempäälän Vesi utilizes the Insta Wave measurement system

Lempäälän Vesi uses the Insta Wave measurement system, which connects measurements made in premises without electricity to the company's automation system by utilizing radio frequencies.

– We measure water pressure and flow rates as well as various aspects of the wastewater system to determine the amount of wastewater coming from specific areas. Through these measurements, we gain insight into potential leaks in the water supply network or locations where meltwater is flowing into the wastewater system. Utilizing Insta Wave, we have also integrated intrusion detection and a leak detector into our wells, ensuring that water does not accumulate in them. This solution allows us to promptly address any potential issues, says Lempäälän Vesi's CEO Lasse Sampakoski.

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