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Data analytics and business intelligence

Business Intelligence

The importance of data in management is emphasized in a digitalizing world

Data-driven business for competitive advantage

Many companies are already on the path towards data-driven business, where monitoring key metrics transitions into automated operations management, reliable forecasts, and evaluation of the impact of actions.

We offer modeling using widely accepted methods such as Data Vault 2.0. We also utilize our team's developed accelerator, which significantly speeds up the modeling process.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a concept that encompasses methods and processes for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. It can include everything from analyzing business performance and monitoring metrics to visualizing data. Nowadays, BI tools allow us to identify which areas or actions of the business perform better or worse. This lays the groundwork for more proactive operations.

Real-time data supporting decision-making

The purpose of a BI tool is to make the analysis of valuable information easier. It provides quick insights that help decision-makers strategically act based on available data. BI provides leaders and decision-makers with a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the company's performance across various areas. The information is often based on real-time data and helps management make informed decisions to improve business operations.

Our experienced experts help your organization find the best possible toolkit for better utilizing data. This allows you to focus solely on results and improving operations through analysis.

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Data modeling according to best practices.

A well-executed data warehousing and modeling form a solid foundation for high-quality reporting and analytics, enabling customer self-service reporting. Modeling is implemented using commonly accepted methods such as Data Vault 2.0 and scalable Azure cloud-based architecture.

Data is stored using both traditional database methods and newer lakehouse solutions.

Modern data-analytics

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Leading with data

Data-driven decision-making

Most of us would likely agree that the best decisions are made based on facts rather than assumptions. This is where Business Intelligence comes into play, ensuring that decisions are grounded in factual information rather than guesses. Visual dashboards and reports don't provide ready-made solutions to challenges, of course, but they lay the groundwork for competitiveness.

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Value from data

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

By analyzing large volumes of data, opportunities for improving efficiency and productivity in various business areas can be identified, as well as optimizing resource utilization. Analyses based on data can create new business opportunities and promote innovation across different industries.

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Maximizing equipment uptime

Optimization of operations

Utilizing data more effectively helps businesses identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, enabling operational optimization and better resource utilization. For instance, in production, maintenance actions can be anticipated using data signals, maximizing equipment uptime.

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Better decisions

Proactive decision-making as a tool in everyday work

By analyzing large volumes of data, proactive signals from production, market changes, customer needs, or competitors' activities can be identified, helping management make faster and better decisions.

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