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Realtime sensing and visualization of mines - Case Sandvik

Sandvik is a global leader in mining and rock excavation, metal-cutting and materials technology. Sandvik’s vision is to set the industry standard. It means setting the benchmark for others to follow. With more than 2,700 people active in Sandvik’s research and development, they have established a significant track record in commercializing new products and solutions, many of which have become the yardstick within their customers' industries.

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The mining industry is rapidly evolving through the rise of digital technologies. Until recently, most of the significant innovations were made in mining hardware. However, today’s emerging digital technologies, such as cloud computing, machine learning, data analytics, 3D sensing, to name a few, have unlocked a whole new field of opportunities to create business value.

Remote operations, self-tuning and autonomous technologies are a significant focus for Sandvik. Customers in this market are constantly seeking ways to improve productivity without risking the quality of the end product. Safety and sustainability requirements are just as important.

Insta Digital has been a trusted R&D software development partner for Sandvik for the past two years. Sandvik has turned to Insta Digital’s software development engineers when the task has been to solve some of the toughest tech problems or when trying to achieve breakthroughs in innovation.

“Sandvik is leading the way in digitalizing the mining industry. With the help of Insta’s competencies, we are able to provide services and products that will match and exceed the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

"Intopalo Digital’s service has been an essential force for our software development. Their expertise in XR technologies and utilizing modern graphics engines for large data visualization has been irreplaceable and would be hard to find elsewhere.”

- Jussi Puura, Mining Technologies Specialist at Sandvik

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