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NCC Industry Oy trusts in the easy reporting and user friendliness of the Wahti application

NCC Industry Oy wanted to alleviate the burden of reporting for its asphalt stations located around Finland and to enable process data to be collected, refined, and used in a brand new way. The company adopted the Wahti reporting application developed and supplied by Insta. It enables users to present, save, and print out the required process data entities in a versatile and clear manner.

Insta WahtiData

Comparable data has brought not only easy presentability and reporting but also utility to internal processes.

"Thanks to Wahti, NCC Industry has been able to standardize the procedures and production methods used at the different stations to comply with our best practices. What's more, it has provided opportunities to improve product QA and traceability. They are now also better equipped to predict maintenance needs," says Marko Hänninen, Group Manager, Turn-key Deliveries, Insta Automation Oy.

In practice, Wahti has been integrated into the control process automation used at NCC Industry's asphalt stations. Process data are collected locally onto the control room database, refined into local reports in Wahti, and sent to the central Insta server. There, the data are processed and made securely available as a cloud service to all stations connected to the system.

"We have realized the data transfer methods, capacity allocation, and software platform implementation of the service on the terms of a growing, successful business, with the possibility to add new stations in the future easily and cost-effectively," says Hänninen.

The Big Data database created by the service collects data from the various stations and enables them to be utilized from different premises

Easy regulatory compliance with Wahti application

The report data produced by Wahti as a cloud service makes it easier to provide the information required by the authorities. For instance, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment requires NCC Industry to submit detailed reports on the mass loads delivered to different sites.

"Efficiency inside your own organization improves when process data no longer need to be delivered to production management by email and Flash sticks. Timely and seamless data transfer between systems both cuts costs and reduces the risk of human error. First and foremost, though, it frees resources for the actual business," summarizes Hänninen.

Marko Hänninen

Marko Hänninen

Unit Manager, Engineering and Turn-Key Deliveries [email protected]

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