Itkonniemen vesivoimalaitos, Kuopion Vesi

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Insta’s expertise used in the renovation of the Itkonniemi water supply plant

Insta will implement the electrical, instrumentation and automation contract for the renovation of the Kuopion Vesi waterworks’ Itkonniemi plant as a turnkey delivery. The project will be challenging because the plant, which is the only plant supplying domestic water in the Kuopio city area, will be in operation throughout the renovation.

AutomationModernizationCritical infrastructure

During the project, the plant’s automation system will be renewed, together with the related process, machinery and instrumentation equipment. Insta will get to apply its expertise in securing critical infrastructure, as the Itkonniemi water supply plant, which has been in operation since 1913, will continue to operate throughout the renovation. According to Markus Happonen, electrical engineer at Kuopion Vesi, the goal of the renovation is to ensure disturbance-free water production far into the future.

“Choosing Insta was affected by the reputation of the long-term business partner as a reliable and highly competent company, which already proved its abilities during the renovation of the Lehtoniemi wastewater treatment plant in the 2013–2015 period”, Happonen says. According to Happonen, the decision was also supported by the desire to benefit from Insta’s special expertise in water supply automation.

 Itkonniemi water supply plant, Kuopion Vesi

The schedule and dividing the work in stages played an important role

The project contract was signed at the beginning of August, and the work started immediately with equipment and software engineering.

“Planning the schedule and the work stages plays a very important role, as the challenging renovation will be implemented at the only water supply plant providing domestic water in the Kuopio area”, says Kimmo Suonperä, sales manager at Insta Automation.

Markus Happonen agrees with Suonperä and adds that when planning the stages, special attention has been paid on surveying risks, because water supply must be secured during all stages.

Factory testing will be completed in May 2018, as the system must be in full readiness for commissioning on 1 June 2018. According to Suonperä, the commissioning will take place at the continuously running water supply plant one sub-process at a time from the beginning of June to the end of December.

“The operation of the water supply process will be designed in cooperation with the customer so that a potential failure of an individual field device will not cripple the whole water supply plant”, Suonperä says.

Further projects to follow

According to Markus Happonen from Kuopion Vesi, Insta will play a major role in ensuring the operational reliability of the waterworks in the area of service and maintenance operations in the future as well.

“In addition to the Itkonniemi electrical, instrumentation and automation contract, a foundation will be created for the remote operation of the clear water sites of the whole City of Kuopio”, Happonen says.

“As a follow-up project, clear water remote operation components, such as booster stations, water towers and various measurement stations, are planned to be connected to the system.”

According to Happonen, Insta’s advantages for future projects are the company’s Finnish corporate background and steady outlook far into the future, securing the continuity of the operations.

The employment effect of the contract at Insta Automation will be approximately 10 person-years, and five or six engineers will work on the project full-time. The total price of the renovation contract is approximately €2.5 million.

Kimmo Suonperä

Kimmo Suonperä

Sales Manager, Industry firstname.lastname (at)

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