Fortum's nuclear plant in Loviisa, Finland

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Digital safety and emission-free energy

The modernisation of the Loviisa power plant’s automation systems enhances plant safety and ensures the reliability of the systems both now and in the future. Insta Automation performed the installation work related to the modernisation project in partnership with Rolls-Royce, the supplier of the safety I&C systems.

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The most challenging annual maintenance work in the history of Fortum’s nuclear power plant in Loviisa, Finland, was completed in late 2018. Both the workload and the complexity of the work were unprecedented. The scheduled maintenance and refuelling coincided with finishing the modernisation of the plant automation systems. The modernisation project culminated in the completion of the installation work and the commissioning of the new safety systems supplied by Rolls-Royce.

The improvements and modifications made to the automation systems enhance the safety of the Loviisa plant and ensure the continued reliability of the systems in the future.

The four-year modernisation project focused on improving the critical safety functions of the nuclear power plant. It was the largest single project implemented at the Loviisa plant since its construction. The project was completed on schedule, within budget and in accordance with high quality requirements and applicable safety standards.

The concept of the modernisation project was created by Fortum and it was focused on renewal of the most essential automation systems related to the safety and the operations of the plant. The previous analogue I&C systems were partially replaced with Rolls-Royce’s digital Spinline® technology implemented in both reactor units. The objectives consisted of modernising and further improving plant safety systems and securing a high level of availability.

For Insta Automation, the Loviisa nuclear power plant presented a particularly challenging installation site due to the strict requirements regarding quality, documentation and safety. Insta Automation is an approved service provider in accordance with Safety Class 2 of the Finnish Regulatory Guides on nuclear safety and security (YVL Guides). The project employed 50 professionals and demonstrated Insta’s ability to perform even the most demanding contracts.

“Cooperation with Rolls-Royce and the end client Fortum was very proficient. The project organisations involved in the implementation all cooperated seamlessly to achieve the common goal, without unnecessary red tape or hierarchy. This project was an excellent display of how project organisations can achieve great things by openly working together towards a common goal,” says Mikko Tanner, Project Manager at Insta Automation.

The Loviisa plant produces nuclear power without carbon dioxide emissions. As a provider of clean energy, it plays a significant role in the fight against climate change. In 2018, the plant supplied 7.79 TWh of electricity, amounting to more than 11% of all electricity production in Finland. Compared to generating the same amount of electricity from fossil fuels, the plant helps Finland avoid approximately 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere per year.

Insta Automation is a full-service company specialising in automation, instrumentation and electrification. We provide advanced services to cover the entire life cycle of our customers’ investments in automation. We help our customers maintain their competitive edge in today’s demanding conditions and the global market. Environmental sustainability is an essential factor in energy production. It is also an integral part of Insta’s operating principles: taking the environment into consideration is a natural part of business and a precondition for its survival.

Today, products and services provided to the environmental technology sector make up almost one third of Insta Automation’s total turnover.

Photo: Fortum, Loviisa plant

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Mikko Tanner

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