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Automation system for HKScan's state-of-the-art poultry processing plant implemented by Asitek Oy, recently merged with Insta Automation

Asitek Oy was HKScan’s main partner in the construction of a state-of-the-art poultry processing plant. “We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Asitek. They implemented the automation for our new poultry processing plant. That is one of the reasons why our processing plant is one of the most modern in Finland”, says Marita Jaatinen, who was responsible for the project.


The Raisio-based Asitek company, the latest addition to Insta Group, was involved in creating a plan for the automation system of the new poultry processing plant based on a concept prepared by HKScan, and also participated in the implementation of the whole project.

“We are now using the latest equipment technology. With the automation system we can, for instance, monitor the process from one monitoring point, which enables a faster response and better predictability for the process”, says HKScan’s Marita Jaatinen, who was responsible for the project.

From the point of view of smooth collaboration, Jaatinen appreciates Asitek’s strong expertise in food processing automation.

“We already had prior experience of them for one production plant. So we had a fine reference in-house. They knew us and our business”, Jaatinen says.

A good automation partner understands the dynamics of the customer’s business

According to Marita Jaatinen, implementing automation requires very specific expertise, and previous references play a significant role.

“The partner must understand the dynamics of production and everything that needs to be considered. This was a large project that required that the partner had experience of a large-scale greenfield project. Asitek was able to provide exactly that”, she continues.

“When dealing with automation, new business models and processes are always being built. It is important that the partner supplying the automation system understands the needs of the customer’s business.”– Marita Jaatinen, HKScan

According to Rauno Mäkelä, Asitek’s Chief Operative Officer, one of the company’s special strengths is customer orientation.

“We are accessible and listen carefully to our customers’ needs and implement process improvements in collaboration with them. Our customers value us for reliability and projects delivered on schedule”, he continues.

Marita Jaatinen also commends Asitek for the delivery implemented on schedule, in addition to the subject matter expertise.

“I am very pleased with the collaboration. They succeeded very well in keeping the schedule.”

Jaatinen is quite happy with Asitek’s merger with Insta Automation.

“I am happy to see this merger, even though it was not yet visible in our project. Both parties have strong expertise in the food industry, and they can now complement each other with their resources. This is a good thing”, she says.

Marita Jaatinen’s tips for choosing an automation partner:

  1. Good references–make sure that the partner has good references of managing large-scale projects.

  2. Customer understanding–a good partner understands the needs of the customer’s business.

  3. Good people skills–a professional partner can get along with different kinds of people and networks. Personal chemistry and style of interaction are important factors in choosing a partner.

Tommi Komu

Tommi Komu

Tommi Komu Vice President Industry & Infra Insta Automation Firstname.lastname (at)

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