Metsä Fibren uusi biotuotetehdas Kemissä

24 - 2 - 2022 - News

Insta’s installation business signed its single largest contract in terms of net sales on the delivery of instrumentation installations for Metsä Fibre’s new bioproduct mill in Kemi

Insta has signed a contract with Metsä Fibre, a Metsä Group company, on instrumentation installations for a new bioproduct mill in Kemi. The delivery comprises the instrumentation installations, e.g. for the recovery boiler, fiber line, turbine, evaporation plant, compressed air plant, and sulfuric acid plant.

The bioproduct mill is the largest investment ever made by the Finnish forest industry in Finland. Once finished, it will employ 2,500 people through its direct value chain in Finland and be the most efficient wood-processing plant in the northern hemisphere.

The contract on the instrumentation installations for the Kemi bioproduct mill is very significant for Insta; in terms of net sales, it is the largest ever contract for the company’s installation business.

"The major contract demonstrates Insta’s reliability and successful collaboration with Metsä Fibre. Insta has previously delivered a large instrumentation contract for the bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, which started up in 2017", explains Jarno Pitkänen, Vice President, Installation.

Insta’s worksite for the installations will be established in early autumn 2022.

After the start-up in Q3 2023, the bioproduct mill will annually produce 1.5 million metric tons of softwood and hardwood pulp for use as raw materials for paperboard, tissue, and printing papers as well as specialty products. Operating with zero fossil fuels, the mill will also produce several other bioproducts. The new mill will have an electricity self-sufficiency of 250%, and the excess electricity will be fed into the national grid. During its operation, the mill will generate 2.5% of all the electricity produced in Finland.

"The historically large contract is very significant for our entire industrial target market, and it strengthens our position as the sector’s market leader in Finland", emphasizes Jyri Stenberg, Vice President, Sales and Customers, Intelligent Industry at Insta.

Jarno Pitkänen

Jarno Pitkänen

Vice President, Installation Insta Automation firstname.lastname (at)

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