Ilmakuva Atrian uudesta tehtaasta Nurmossa

13 - 4 - 2022 - News

Insta participates in the largest investment in food producer Atria’s history by supplying the automation for a poultry cutting plant

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Atria Plc is expanding its poultry production by building a new plant valued at approximately €155 million in connection with the production facility in Nurmo. The expansion will increase Atria Finland’s poultry production capacity by approximately 40%. The investment includes the construction of new slaughter, cutting, and packing lines.

Insta has signed a contract with Atria on supplying the automation for the cutting plant. The contract covers a production control and automation system, including the related planning (e.g. management of recipes and production batches), central units, and commissioning. The project started with planning and procurement, and it is scheduled to be completed in May 2023.

According to the CEO of Atria Group Juha Gröhn, the new production technology is eco-friendlier. It will reduce the food waste as well as energy and water consumption during the production process. In addition, the renovation allows for greater focus on occupational safety.

The new plant is estimated to be finished in 2024, at the earliest.

Photo: Atria

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