Metsä Groupin koelaitos Äänekoskella

7 - 3 - 2019 - News

Insta Automation to provide automation for a test facility for new technology

MI Demo Oy, a joint venture of Metsä Group and Itochu, is building an industrial test facility in Äänekoski. The plant produces new kind of wood-based textile fibre. MI Demo Oy has chosen Insta Automation Oy to provide the control room and PLC/SCADA process control systems for the facility.


The project is related to the development of Metsä Spring Ltd’s new business operations. Metsä Spring Ltd is Metsä Group’s innovation company that is developing opportunities in forest-based bioeconomy and circular economy. For Insta, this project is a significant achievement. Now it can implement automation for a more environmentally friendly next generation textile fibre plant.

Picture: Metsä Group

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