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Understanding of People the Basis for Success in Tech Industry

Business Intelligence Architect Iiro Pihlajaniemi helps Insta’s customers to use data in process and business development. Although the work is technical in nature, it’s more about human interaction and how to use data to solve problems in the physical world.

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I became interested in the field because of an advertising pitch. My graduate program promised to focus somewhere between technology and people. Later, I realized how essential this is — technology cannot be used unless its benefits are first understood. On top of that, I am a social person, so I couldn’t see myself just sitting at a computer and coding.

I started working at Insta in 2021 following a stint at a data consulting company. At that time, I had four years of work experience as a consultant and analyst. I applied to Insta to add business development to my skills, alongside coding, and my expectations have been met. I’ve been able to contribute to the strategy and rapid growth of our Intelligent Industry team by participating in the team's steering group.

Insta Employee  Iiro Pihlajanniemi

Solutions from humans to humans

At Insta, I’ve been involved in many interesting projects. For example, we’ve built our customers' data warehouses and reporting and analytics solutions, and the applications based on them. On the development side, we’ve implemented solutions such as a data vault 2.0 information modeling tool, which is now also used by our customers. In addition, I contribute to the sales, recruitment, and planning of our consulting business. I firmly believe that a good salesperson is above all a service expert, and I don't pigeonhole myself. I find my work rewarding because I constantly get to learn new things about technologies as well as different people and company cultures.

Typically, our customers have a certain need for using data, and after getting to know the case in more detail, the real possibilities of managing with information begin to open up. What’s more, companies nowadays use numerous different information systems, so the data is likely to be fragmented. In my opinion, Insta stands out from the crowd with its know-how of automation systems, intelligent cloud solutions, and information security. This gives the best starting point for using data and providing comprehensive solutions. The key technologies in my daily work include Microsoft Azure, PowerBI, PowerApps and SQL. A good example of our work is the data platform we developed for Loimua.


Meaningful work in a good company

My work feels important and meaningful, particularly because we deal with operators such as the energy industry, the defense sector and other critical infrastructure. Information work and coding can easily seem detached from the physical world, but making a difference in the real world brings them closer. In addition, I love that our team consist of friendly and professional individuals. Because I can surround myself with a versatile group of top experts, such as software developers, data scientists and data engineers, I find new perspectives and my enthusiasm grows.

I find it easy to separate work and leisure — even though I can decide to a large extent where and when I work, I still haven't felt like I'm working all the time. The best counterbalance to my work is fishing, camping and family life with our six-month-old firstborn. I also like to play communal and competitive team games, such as League of Legends.

Iiro Pihlajaniemi

Iiro Pihlajaniemi

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