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Leading system integrator

System Integrations

Demanding special expertise and extensive technological competence for system integrations.

Defence capability is built from the many separately acquired systems. When planning and acquiring new capabilities, it has to be taken care of to integrate and operate systems with future and existing systems and functions.

Leading system integrator

Integrations of missile, communication, sensor and electronic warfare systems are examples of our system integration expertise. Our solutions range from designing and manufacturing individual components to turn-key deliveries of large-scale systems. Customized system packages include embedded system, software and hardware solutions; security planning; and lifecycle support services. 

We always work in partnership with either the end customer or the system provider selected by the end customer. We have the ability to act as part of demanding international and national networks. By networking with engineering and manufacturing subcontractors in Finland and other countries, we are able to tackle demanding challenges flexibly and cost-effectively. 

For over 20 years, we have participated in air defense system projects of the Finnish Defense Forces either by modernizing existing systems or by participating in the implementation of new systems. In the F-35 era, we will integrate the F-35 fighters to function with internationally and nationally interoperable command & control systems.


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