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Support for software development, integration, and product development projects

Expert services for defence and systems integrations

Technological state-of-the-art expertise and knowledge of military requirements for the defence sector’s software development, integration, and product development projects.

Support for software development, integration, and product development projects

No software, system, or product is ever fully finished; instead, they are maintained and developed further throughout their life cycle.

However, as systems become increasingly more technical and complex, it may not always be possible to develop or maintain them with just your own resources. This is when an expert partner comes along.

For example, we can help you with:

  • modernization of existing systems

  • digitalization and boosting the efficiency of processes and leadership.

We can plan new, cost-efficient systems that match your requirements and act as your go-to partner in systems development throughout the life cycle.

Furthermore, we can effectively integrate individual new systems into an existing systems environment.

We are committed to adhering to the NATO standards and the AQAP2110 quality requirements as well as the continuous development of competence and long-term systems development. We utilize modern technology to build systems of a significant scale that are then used in critical operational applications.

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System integrations and subject matter experts

Our services will help ensure that your systems are ready for future needs and requirements:

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