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Special competence in swarm intelligence and autonomous behavior

Autonomous systems and swarming

Research and development of innovative defence solutions related to autonomous operation and swarming technology.

Systems with autonomous characteristics based on AI methods and the swarming of autonomous equipment can boost the efficiency of existing capabilities and create completely new approaches and solutions to further improve those capabilities.

Effective utilization of autonomy leaves people with more time to perform activities other than supervision, for example.

We can help your organization explore innovative solutions related to autonomous operation and swarming technology, including their limitations, and develop them further. Moreover, we conduct research as well as carry out design, development, and implementation in several areas related to swarming and other related technologies.

Utilize our autonomous systems and swarming expertise in:

  • the development of algorithms

  • simulation environments.

  • the development of command & control systems

We develop command & control solutions and collaborate with end users’ specialists in order to integrate the control methods for autonomous systems into the existing systems.

Our expertise is based on several decades of working in close collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces and our in-depth understanding of the sector and end users’ needs. Our research has involved working with other companies as well as research institutions at the EU level.

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C5ISR and AirC2 products

C5ISR - Command and control systems

We design battle-proven C2 systems with advanced features for both headquarter-level and field management needs. We understand the importance of seamless cooperation through the entire chain of command, and we also deliver comprehensive systems for defence purposes.

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