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Guaranteed reliability across the systems’ life cycle

Life-cycle services for aviation and avionics systems

We offer in-depth technology expertise for the development and maintenance of defence capabilities as well as system and technology solutions

Guaranteed reliability throughout the life-cycle

The life cycles of complex systems are designed to be long. Systematic and cost-effective maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities have a significant effect on the total cost of investment. Sometimes keeping the original performance alone is not enough during a long life cycle: the performance also needs to be improved.  

Systematic planning and development of the sustainment of equipment and systems ensures the consistent quality and effectiveness of operations during the entire life cycle. The goal is to balance life cycle and sustainment costs as well as to guarantee the reliability of operations and ensure high quality. Maintenance planning ensures the implementation of a life cycle plan for the equipment or system.

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Technological expertise in the engineering, testing, and development of technically demanding and reliable systems

We have in-depth technology expertise in the life-cycle planning, life-cycle services, testing, repair, maintenance, and product development of technically advanced systems and equipment. Furthermore, we handle the systematic procurement of replacement equipment, components, and spare parts. Our customers can trust that their equipment and systems will perform well in their intended tasks.

Systematic life-cycle services for complex system combinations ensure the reliability and security of systems and equipment as well as proactively identify the critical aspects.

Typically, our life-cycle services start at the time of purchasing the systems by planning a maintenance concept and the security of supply requirements for the system together with the customer. We take care of the reliability and safety of systems, subsystems, and equipment over their long life cycle and we anticipate the future maintenance and replacement needs. We also implement life-cycle updates and performance improvements.

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Our life-cycle services for avionics systems:

Aviation technology life-cycle services

Life-cycle planning helps the customer ensure the capability of equipment and systems across their life cycle. Life-cycle planning takes into account the predictability of the operations, life-cycle and quality management, the manageability of investments and life-cycle costs, availability, safety, and environmental values.


Availability planning for spare parts contributes to equipment and system continuity. Obsolescence is a critical part of life-cycle planning in high technology. The service includes the planning and tracking of spare part availability as well as the planning of preventive measures (procurement planning for spare parts or replacement parts).

Maintenance planning

A systematic approach to keeping equipment and systems up and running as well as their further development ensures the efficiency and consistent quality of operations throughout the life cycle. The objective is to keep the life-cycle and maintenance costs balanced while also ensuring reliability and the quality assurance capability. Maintenance planning ensures the implementation of the life-cycle plan for the given equipment or system.

Equipment planning and manufacturing

The engineering of entirely new products, modification planning, complementary product development, or further product development aim at creating solutions for operational challenges. The work starts with the customer’s idea or problem. Understanding the problem enables us to define clear requirements that can be met during the product development project. In addition to product development, we will prepare the product documentation and plan the product maintenance. We consider the life cycle of the product and its serviceability during the development and selection of components.

Equipment modifications and replacement parts

Equipment improvements and repurposing are a part of Insta’s life-cycle services. Furthermore, we handle the systematic procurement of replacement equipment, components, and spare parts. Our customers can trust that their equipment and systems will perform well in their intended tasks.

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