10 - 12 - 2021 - News

Insta supports the building of the Defence Forces' capabilities in the HX Fighter Program

As a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces, Insta supports the building and development of the Defence Forces’s capabilities over the life cycle of its systems. As a long-term partner, Insta also has a special role in the next-generation fighter program, which will be the most significant acquisition for the Defence Forces in the coming years, and it will also be important for Insta’s defense business.

– The HX procurement process has been demanding in terms of both duration and depth. Insta has been an impartial expert in supporting the Defence Forces in the procurement as part of a strategic partnership. Our commitment to the partnership and its further deepening toward the completion of the acquisition is seen as important in Insta’s future strategy. The choice of a new fighter jet opens up new opportunities for industrial cooperation and technological development, Henry Nieminen, President and CEO of Insta, commented after the publication of the acquisition decision.

Insta is responsible for developing the concept for the support and maintenance of aircraft avionics systems and for the integration of the new fighter’s systems into Finnish command and control systems together with the Defence Forces. Indirect industrial cooperation will, in turn, allow to develop the technologies of the future together with the fighter supplier to meet customer needs. These technologies will be relevant for many years to come. Strong Finnish expertise in critical technologies will ensure security of supply in the future as well.

Read the Ministry of Defence press release here.

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