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26 - 3 - 2024 - News

Release: Technology company Insta signs significant agreements with NATO’s NCI Agency and with EUROCITY

Insta has signed two cooperation agreements related to the programs administered by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), NATO’s technology and cyber hub.

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Insta has signed two cooperation agreements related to the programs administered by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), NATO’s technology and cyber hub.

The first of these is a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) signed with the NCI Agency. The signed BOA enables Insta to offer commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS) and services such as situational awareness systems, command & control systems and cyber security services, data encryption and gateway solutions as well as software services.

The second agreement was signed with the Belgian company EUROCITY. It is related to NCI Agency’s framework contract with EUROCITY, where Insta is one of EUROCITY’s subcontractors in its service network. The framework contract between NCI Agency and EUROCITY concerns cyber security and software development services, and it has a term of five years. Through the framework contract, coordinated by EUROCITY, Insta can offer information security and cyber security services as well as software development services pursuant to the purchase requests within NCI Agency’s framework contract with EUROCITY, for the needs of the NCI Agency and NATO member states.

Finnish expertise is valued

The participation in NCI Agency’s supplier network through the BOA framework agreement and EUROCITY’s subcontractor agreement offers Insta excellent opportunities to participate in the development and performance improvement of key IT systems used in both NATO and NATO countries and the cyber security related to them.

- We are delighted to partner with a trusted expert from Finland, says Yvan Blomme, Defence Director for EUROCITY.

- These agreements show that Finnish skills and expertise are valued and needed, says Petri Reiman, Senior Vice President for Insta Advance.Insta Advance specializes in defence technology and cyber security solutions and services as well as in software consulting and digitalization.

- Insta has plenty of experience and expertise in the fields of cyber security, software development, and defence technology, and we feel that Insta’s expertise can meet the future needs of the international defence market in a versatile and tailored manner, Reiman adds.

Decades of experience in defence technologies

For more than 50 years, Insta has been a front runner and a reliable partner in the defence technology market, and Insta’s technology is NATO compatible.

Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces, and its Defence business focuses on situational picture and command & control systems, system integrations for networked defence, AI-based analytics, simulators, and cyber security, as well as avionics and electrical system maintenance and repair, and solutions that secure pilots’ performance. Furthermore, Insta has a strong role in developing the support and maintenance concept for the avionics and electrical systems of Finland’s future F-35 fighter fleet and, together with the Finnish Defence Forces, integrating the new fighter’s systems with the Finnish systems. The business has expanded to new areas, such as AI, autonomous systems, swarming, and data analysis. The Insta Air Defence C2 System deployed in the Finnish Defence Forces is another prime example of Insta capability that has attracted international interest.

Insta’s know-how in cyber security is already being utilized in more than 50 countries and across all continents. Insta’s encryption product family, which is widely used for protecting data traffic, is growing with the introduction of a new encryption device, and Insta has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for a functionality developed for it. These encryption products are also attracting interest outside of Finland. Furthermore, the company has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin on the implementation of a military purpose data filtering solution. These two landmark capabilities are in high demand for the Multidomain Operations’ command and control solutions. For these products as well, the company wants to develop and expand its focus into NATO and wider international market.

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