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20 - 2 - 2023 - News

Insta is a part of Digital Defence Ecosystem

Insta is one of the founding member and a part of the new Digital Defence Ecosystem (DDE). Global security environment is in rapid change and fast-developing technologies brings new opportunities in defence and security markets. Closer cooperation is needed, in order for companies and to take advantage of these opportunities effectively.

Insta is a pioneer in solutions and services for networked defence, a supplier of smart management systems and a producer of life cycle support services for security of supply.

-The coming NATO membership opens opportunities for the defence business. Finland’s strong technological expertise and its’ utilization in the international market is an advantage for the whole Finnish defence industry. We believe that being a part of the Digital Defence Ecosystem together with domestic partners supports internationalization, tells Jari Mielonen, Executive Vice President of Insta.

The purpose of the Digital Defence Ecosystem is to create significant new business growth in the defence and security field by bringing together the top companies and civil organisations, of the defence, security, and civil industries. DDE will actively attend the newest EU and NATO defence-related initiatives and maintain close networks internationally.

DDE was established in August 2022, and it is one of the Business Finland Growth Engines. Ecosystems and partnerships improve Finnish companies’ opportunities to grow and succeed in international competition.

The founding members of the ecosystem are addition to Insta, Patria, Saab Finland, VTT, Reaktor, Bittium, Unikie, Aalto University, GIM Robotics, Elomatic, Solita, University of Tampere, Savox, Millog, Senop ja University of Jyväskylä. The ecosystem is coordinated by XD Solutions.

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