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31 - 8 - 2023 - News

Austrian Air Force takes Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor into use as a first Eurofighter user country

Insta has signed an agreement with the Austrian Air Force for delivering Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor (IPBAM) hypoxia early warning system to Eurofighter fleet use. Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor is a hypoxia early warning system that reduces the risk of physiological events (PE's). Austria is the first Eurofighter user country who takes IPBAM into the use after completed test campaign. The Eurofighter is a multi-role combat aircraft developed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain in joint production.

Patented innovation improves pilot safety

Physiological episodes have still been reported across the globe and many countries are working to prevent them. Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor (IPBAM) alerts the user in low oxygen or pressure conditions and gives the pilot time to react and take corrective measures in good time. IPBAM is a standalone pilot gear and is not dependent on aircraft interfaces.

IPBAM also delivers a data log for measured and calculated parameters. This data can be used to study the conditions in which the dangerous situation took place and monitor the long-term performance of the aircraft systems. The device makes it possible to prevent even very serious and costly aviation accidents.

- Operating high performance aircraft on the edge of physical and physiological limits always comes with risks for the aircrew. The usage of the IPBAM provides a reliable safety mechanism for the pilots oxygen supply, says Anton Sturmann, Air Materiel Staff of the Austrian Airforce.

- The possibility to use an interpreter for the recorded oxygen data renders an aircraft independent analysis possible, enabling a better understanding of the behavior of the oxygen system and the human body while being under extreme conditions.The simple installation and the easy usage make the IPBAM a perfect support for future operations. Therefore - and after intensive testing with a fully satisfying result - the Austrian Airforce certified the IPBAM for the Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon fleet, Anton Sturmann continues.

The Finnish innovation improves aircrew safety, and the order will enable the use of IPBAM at every Eurofighter flight. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent to Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor in June 2021 and the device has NATO stock number.

Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor (IPBAM) has been developed together with the Finnish Defence Forces and is in use in the Finnish Defence Forces as well as in other countries. By combining our unique research, the possibilities from international partnerships and the close, long-term collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces as a strategic partner, we are able to offer our expertise and purposeful products and solutions to the international defence technology market even more comprehensively.

Image: Austrian Airforce

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