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13 - 5 - 2020 - Insights

Network-centric defence solutions improve operational efficiency

In the future, the world will continue becoming increasingly connected, and this is also significant for the defence sector. Artificial intelligence, analytics, and cyber security play a key role in the development of the defence sector. It is important to utilize technologies correctly and safely so that the connected activities and operations contribute to national defence and further improve capabilities. What are network centric defence and military cyber security, and what are their implications for future defence sector operations?


Networked defence involves joint activities between the different defence branches and actors, with systems operating on land, at sea, and in the air, and the comprehensive utilization of situational pictures also concerning space and the cyber environment. It has been found that operations are even more effective and impactful if the different defence branches and areas work together toward a common goal.

Based on a shared situational picture

The conventional defence branch-specific situational picture is not comprehensive enough for the purpose of connected defence. Successful connected operations require an up-to-date situational picture that all actors share. In order to ensure this, and to enable seamless collaboration, the data and systems must be connected through data networks. Interface integrations and systems integration must enable appropriate interoperability between the different equipment generations and the equipment of individual defence branches.

Successful joint operations also require ensuring that all of the parties have access to the data in the shared data network and that the data is transferred reliably between different systems. Providing the actors with access to a reliable, purposeful network and secure data enables establishing a shared, real-time situational picture and more effective command of operations.

Future intelligent systems in education and training

Artificial intelligence and analytics are also beneficial in terms of connected defence. Utilizing their elements in the development of future systems enables creating more intelligent command & control systems.

Insta supplies advanced, combat-proof C2 systems with built-in training functionalities. In the future, education and training will particularly emphasize the role of Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) simulation systems, which is also relevant in terms of connected defence. LVC simulation systems include connected solutions and combine virtual elements with the real world. They provide efficiency improvements by providing a way to train the use of capabilities in a networked environment.

Cyber situational picture is key

Effective connected defence is made possible by several key factors, such as the cyber situational picture and military cyber security. Military cyber security brings operational security and reliability to connected national defence. It comprises extensive elements and areas, including commanding troops, cyberspace, and cyber intelligence. In all of these areas, cyber security must be ensured in network-centric operations.

It is not enough, however, to just ensure cyber security across the different areas. A connected operation requires an in-depth understanding of the technologies involved. Furthermore, it is essential to know what is happening in the networks and cyberspace during the operation and to understand how the cyber situational picture impacts the ongoing operation and the decision-making chain in order to make network defence decisions and changes to your own activities, as needed.

Network-centric systems backed by experience

Insta’s cyber secure command & control systems and comprehensive solutions are designed and developed for use in the operational environment. We have decades of experience in military-grade security requirements and systems development as well as solid expertise in terms of high cyber security solutions and systems integration.

We strive to enable the joint and networked operations through our network-centric solutions that guarantee reliable information exchange between systems as well as enable seamless collaboration, thereby building future capabilities.

Tuure Lehtoranta

Tuure Lehtoranta

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Defence

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