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8 - 7 - 2021 - Insights

Multi-domain operations improve operative efficiency

The most important prerequisite for multi-domain operations is a real-time situational picture and C2 systems.

Situational picture

The development of technology has increased the complexity of the operating environment in defence sector. In addition to considering the conventional operations on land, at sea and in the air, defence operations must take into account the situational picture concerning space and the cyber environment. Meeting the demands of the modern battlefield requires even stronger collaboration and networking between different defence branches and troops. Multi-domain operations enable a shared situational awareness as well as joint command & control and fire support, and that enables you to optimize the use of resources according to the given situation.

Collection and effective analysis of data are essential

The most important prerequisite for multi-domain operations is a real-time situational picture that covers all the defence branches and areas of defence. Once the data from the field is collected, analyzed, and integrated in the command & control systems, it is possible to make quick, timely, and proactive decisions.

The major challenge in establishing a comprehensive situational picture is posed by the large quantities of data, and technological advancements are only accelerating the accumulation of data. As the data volumes grow, they require more intelligent systems in order to be processed and, therefore, the significance of AI and other tools for crunching and analyzing this data will be emphasized in the near future.

The need for encrypting and controlling data is growing

In addition to the collection, storage, and analysis of data, the essential aspects of the multi-domain concept include data encryption and multi-level information security. In order to ensure operational security and efficiency, multi-domain operations must ensure data availability, data integrity, and data protection. The cyber situational picture is critical for completing operations.

A multi-domain environment comprises several networks of various security categories, and two-way encryption and filtering of traffic between different networks must be possible. At the same time, it also must be ensured that each unit and operator has access to exactly the right data that it needs at any given time.

Finland is a front-runner

Insta has decades of experience in cyber security and the ability to deliver advanced, combat-proof command & control systems as well as solutions for encrypting and filtering data that help defence forces execute successful multi-domain operations.

Another core aspect of our competence is the national and international interoperability of the systems, which is an important prerequisite for joint operations involving various parties. Our cyber security solutions as well as command & control systems have proven to be effective in international exercises. Among other things, Finnish air defence utilizes a modern C2 system, which makes Insta and Finland front-runners in this field.

Tuure Lehtoranta

Tuure Lehtoranta

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Defence

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