Tuure Lehtoranta

29 - 6 - 2022 - Insights

Development based on strong customer insight

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace around the world, and it is important to keep up with this development.

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Insta leads the way in secure digitalization, cyber security and customer-focused intelligence and command & control systems for our defence market customers. We are an independent Finnish family business. We provide great results from the outset and are worth your trust. This lays a good foundation for building technological capabilities and future solutions.

In the future, we will contribute more extensively to Finland’s defence through our expertise and will continue to develop advanced technological solutions and new service models. We will strengthen our existing customer relationships and create more customer value. In addition, we will seek to benefit from internationalisation by creating win-win partnerships with the international defence industry. Our operations are based on strong customer insight and customers’ needs.

Customer-focused development

In our Defence business, we are strengthening our existing customer relationships. I believe that we add significant value to existing projects by being worth your trust, efficient and innovative. On the other hand, based on our expertise, we are actively creating concepts based on strong customer insight and discussions with customers. Examples of new concepts include digitization solutions for logistics and local troops, military cyber defence solutions and intelligent control & command systems and the related training environments. We feel that our expert services have been well received by the Defence Forces, which is why we are also further developing our expert services business in line with the customer’s needs.

Concepts and capabilities can be used to create good solutions for the Defence Forces by further developing existing products and increasing the level of productization. When necessary, we can demonstrate customer needs by carrying out suitability studies, for example. Assessing opportunities and having regular discussions with the customer enable us to further develop our customer-focused offering.

A journey of transformation for the customer's benefit

Insta has implemented a systematic change process in its organization. To ensure that we understand the customer’s needs as well as possible, several account managers have joined us to take responsibility for customer relationships with the Finnish Air Force, the Finnish Army and the Defence Command and intelligence. In the defence target market, our goal is to provide all our knowledge and skills for the benefit of the Defence Forces. We are prepared to further develop our organization so that the customer’s needs are understood as profoundly as possible. We change in accordance with the customer’s needs, so that our strengths serve the customer even better than before.

We believe that customer insight, reliability and 100% Finnish origin are elements on which it is easy to build a common future with a reliable strategic partner. This enables us to achieve sufficient technological expertise and the related security of supply in areas of importance to Finland.

Tuure Lehtoranta

Tuure Lehtoranta

Vice President, Sales and Customers, Defence

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