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Insta attends Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

Insta presents urban security improving Insta Blue Aware™ -situational awareness solution and its new features at Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference [https://www.tscec.fi/en/], an event arranged at Nokia Arena at Tampere on June 6–7, 2023 - booth  618.

Situational picture

Cooperation in the cities among the authorities and especially between the authorities and civilian or voluntary-sector operators is possible to support and develop with the help of different technologies. By using digital technology, the world is renewed and urban security as well as the safety of society is improved.

Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference is arranged at Nokia Arena in Tampere on June 6–7, 2023. The international event combines​ forward-looking thinkers, cutting edge technology, services and solutions.​ Insta presents products and urban security improving Insta Blue Aware™ situational Awareness solution at booth 618.

Intelligent technology provides lots of new opportunities to urban security development

At the event Insta presents the map-based Insta Blue Aware™ situational awareness system, which has been updated with a new software version. Insta Blue AwareTM - also known as IBA, offers a shared situational picture and efficient situational leadership capabilites.

The latest version enables enriching drone-provided video images with other situational data from the system. In practice, users will see this as overlays of other situational information in the form of icons and drawings on top of the video images. New features also include easier customization for various customer needs and improved communication channel (voice and chat) properties.

Anniina Ala-Kitula, Project Manager and Mika Lignell, Senior Business Development Manager from Insta will also have a speech on Wednesday June, 7 about how drones used together with situational awareness system can bring more efficiency to urban security development.

- Using drones together with situational awareness systems brings real-time situation from the field to the control room. Drone is one source of information which can be used e.g. for building up-to-date maps from event areas to be used in security planning and organizing, monitoring traffic flows and traffic hubs and streaming general overview from changing locations on demand basis, says Anniina Ala-Kitula, Project Manager from Insta.

Welcome to meet our experts and learn about Insta’s smart technology solutions and situational awareness solutions.

Tampere Smart City Week 6.-7.6.2023 – Register here!

Read more about use of Insta Blue Aware™:

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