Data Act

The European data regulation is being revised. One of the most significant regulations for Finnish companies, the new European Data Act, entered into force in January 2024. Its application begins in two stages such that a significant number of the Data Act’s provisions will become applicable in September 2025.

The Data Act has extensive impacts on the manufacturers of connected products and the providers of related services. One of the Data Act’s most significant obligations is that the connected products and their related services must be designed in a way that primarily gives the user access to their own data and the ability to share the data with third parties.  

Among others, connected products refer to industrial machinery and smart home equipment that obtain, generate, or collect data on their use or environment and that are able to communicate that data via an electronic communications service, physical connection, or equipment connection. A related service means a digital service, including software, which is incorporated in or interconnected with a product in such a way that its absence would prevent the product from performing one of its functions  

Preparation for the Data Act should be started no later than right now. Insta’s experts can help your organization prepare for the requirements of the Data Act. You can leave a contact request with the below form. 

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