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Smart Card Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle and management of Smart cards are essential aspects of a company's data security.

A management system enhances cybersecurity, streamlines access control, and offers a comprehensive user management and security solution.

A certificate (PKI) is a digital credential that reliably verifies the identity of a person, website, or service. Smart cards, on the other hand, are identification tools used by organizations for access control, and authorization, as well as for encrypting and signing emails and documents. But how do these two concepts relate to each other, and what is their significance for an organization?

Smart cards are part of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and provide strong authentication of identity. They ensure that the private key associated with the certificate is not stolen or copied without the cardholder's knowledge. Smart cards implement multi-factor authentication (MFA), where authentication involves something the person possesses (the operational card) and something only they know (the Smart card PIN code).

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Management of Smart card lifecycle as a service

Management of Smart card lifecycle provided as a service by Insta from our ISO27001-certified service center. With the system, your organization and, if necessary, auditors can monitor Insta's activities as a service provider in real-time.

  • You can order single smart cards or series of multiple cards.

  • New cards can be automatically generated in advance for new personnel, ready for use when they start.

  • You gain visibility into smart card holders, their cards, and the certificates on the cards.

  • You can automate the renewal of expiring smart cards.

  • You can view the lifecycle stages of smart cards stored in the system through diverse reports provided by the service. These reports can also be utilized for billing smart card services.

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Smart card management system

Automation improves cybersecurity.

Automating card management also enhances security and availability.

  • The smart card management system allows for maintaining up-to-date information on cardholders, cards in their possession, and cards in transit.

  • As personnel change roles or leave the organization, unnecessary cards are automatically deactivated.

  • The system notifies about expiring cards to ensure timely renewal. In case of lost or damaged cards, a replacement card can be swiftly issued. The system automatically invalidates certificates on the original card, preventing potential misuse.

  • The system ensures adherence to a formalized process for managing card lifecycles. Approval chains can be incorporated into the card issuance process.

With this implementation model, customers also can quickly produce needed cards themselves.

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