We provide all CBRS certificate types

CBRS Certificates

Insta is a WInnForum-approved, WebTrust-certified CBRS Certificate Authority.

Digital certificates ensure the security and integrity of the CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) ecosystem

Insta is a WInnForum-approved, WebTrust-certified CBRS Certificate Authority. We provide all CBRS certificate types:
  • Citizens Band Service Device (CBSD)

  • Domain Proxy (DP)

  • Certified Professional Installer (CPI)

  • Spectrum Allocation Server (SAS)

”We are not selling certificates – We are fulfilling our Customers’ needs”


Insta was the first WInnForum-approved CBRS PKI Root of Trust operator. We are also a member of CBRS Alliance, an industry organization focusing on driving the development, commercialization, and adoption of CBRS based solutions.

Today, leading CBRS equipment vendors and service providers are using Insta CBRS certificates in their solutions. Our goal is to continue ensuring our Customers’ success by exceeding their expectations – every day.

Trusted by the CBRS community

Examples of equipment vendors and service providers using Insta CBRS certificates:

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Our vision

“The most trusted CBRS certificate vendor with the most satisfied customers”

Why choose Insta as your CBRS certificate vendor?

Best customer experience

We make CBRS certificates easy and keep you supported | Quick response time guaranteed

Flexibility and scalability

Highly customizable service offering to match your needs | Future-proof solution with scalability to millions of certificates

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Certified security

ISO/IEC 27001 and WebTrust certifications, ITIL compliance | Trusted by security critical customers around the world

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Manufacturing process integration

We provide the tools and support to integrate certificate provision seamlessly into the manufacturing process flow at the factory

Best PKI and CBRS specialists at your service

30 years of experience in PKI and certificates | 1st WInnForum-approved certificate vendor with in-depth CBRS expertise

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Free trials and CBRS test certificates

Request a free of charge trial to evaluate our services | Verify interoperability with equipment vendors and service providers with fully CBRS compliant Insta test certificates

Download INSTA CBRS Root CA Certificates


Subject name: CN = WInnForum RSA Root CA, OU = RSA Root CA0001, O = WInnForum, C = US
Valid to: Feb 14, 2068
Serial number: 01
Public key: RSA (4096 bits)
Thumbprint (SHA1): ff 69 e1 4a f5 99 d2 fd 68 7a dc 78 42 64 2e a9 51 60 0a 52

Download RSA Certificate


Subject name: CN=WInnForum ECC Root CA, OU=ECC Root CA0001-V2, O=WInnForum, C=US
Valid to: Jul 3, 2069
Serial number: 458
Public key: ECC (384 bits)
Thumbprint (SHA1): 31 d5 29 ce c6 88 bb 17 ef ec ee 6e 09 ff 44 94 8c 95 43 ea

Download ECC Certificate

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