Security management and expert services

Our services help business leaders choose the right strategies for cyber risk management. We can also provide assistance with the strategies, policies, guidelines, and requirements that are required for the further development of information security and data protection.

Insta’s Security Management solutions comprehensively cover various areas of information security. They enable you to establish the current status of your organization and develop it further according to the needs of your business. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, our experts can help you effectively determine which types of risks and threats your business is facing and what kind of procedures could be used for guarding against them.[NV1] As necessary, we can support your current information security staff or, if you do not have resources dedicated to information security, we can take care of the management as well as practical implementation.

Our objective is to ensure that, for your business, information security is an enabler and not a hindrance. We want to ensure that information security is designed and implemented as an integral part of the organization’s activities rather than being a separate function. With our help, you can integrate information security processes into the technical and administrative aspects, and working with our information security team enables us to[NV2] also evaluate areas that involve personal data.

Insta SOC center Cyber security

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