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Trasim exercise platform – a tool for systematic exercise activities

The Insta Trasim exercise platform

Trasim is a web-based exercise platform that enables the planning and execution of vivid, realistic exercises.

Trasim makes it possible to:

  • plan and execute training exercises  

  • schedule a scenario ahead of time and make real-time changes to how a scenario is run  

  • allow several training groups to participate in the exercise 

  • publish group-specific scenarios 

  • share the scenario inputs with the exercise participants regardless of their location 

  • publish simulated online media and social media content with interactive features such as commenting and writing as well as publishing bulletins 

  • use a chat function that makes it easier to facilitate the exercise; it can be used with all of the participants or as a communication tool between the exercise facilitators and observers. 

Trasim provides a secure environment for exercises through SSL encrypted online traffic and optional improved security measures, such as single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). The platform is also available as a version approved for the processing of TL4-classified information.

Self-led exercises and exercise library 

The Trasim exercise platform and the exercise concepts that utilize it enable convenient self-led exercise activities. It is easy to repeat proven exercise scenarios, and the use of the platform makes exercise activities more effective. The customer can build their own exercise libraries on our Trasim platform as well as manage the planning and implementation of comprehensive exercise activities. Furthermore, they can utilize the platform’s exercise simulation features and create inspiring exercise experiences for their organization’s management. 

The Trasim platform supports creating self-led exercises which can then be made accessible by specific people or even the entire organization. Self-led exercises are started at the time chosen by the participant, and they guide the participant forward. A separate facilitator is not needed in order to deliver the exercise. This enables scaling the exercise activities across the organization cost-efficiently. 

Advance assignments, instructions, and written feedback can be collected and shared securely through the platform. Furthermore, the people participating in or preparing the exercise do not have to be in the same location. The online platform enables the planning and execution of the exercise independent of time and location. 

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