Laws and Standards

Cyber legislation and compliance

Organizations’ cyber security and the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) are guided more extensively with European and Finnish regulations. At the same time, the number of organizations complying with cyber security standards is rising.

Navigating the Regulatory Jungle

We can help your organization implement the requirements presented in regulations and standards as practical actions, reinforce your cyber security posture, and ensure that you are using data and AI lawfully.

The European regulations concerning the digital environment as well as national legislation and national standards are impacting an increasingly larger group of organizations and creating obligations relating to the level of cyber security, data sharing, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Cyber legislation and compliance

Our services

Insta’s services that deal with cyber legislation, data legislation, and compliance can help your organization meet the growing number of obligations and avoid the potential negative consequences of non-compliance.

With our versatile services, your organization will receive tailored support from the identification of the requirements and the planning of actions all the way to their implementation. Our risk-driven approach enables concentrating the resources on the obligations and actions that are the most relevant for your organization.

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