15 - 3 - 2023 - News

Insta deepens cooperation with Elastic International BV

Cyber security

Insta has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch company Elastic International BV. The agreement deepens the cooperation that the companies launched in 2020 in the fields of cyber situational awareness and cyber defence.

Cooperation with Elastic expands Insta’s offering and, for its part, strengthens Insta’s role as a leading, technology independent provider of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as well as cyber situational awareness solutions in Finland. Insta’s product-certified experts have strong competence in several of the industry’s leading products.

– Insta has delivered dozens of cyber situational awareness solutions, including several solutions based on the Elastic Stack product. The agreement signed with Elastic International allows us to offer comprehensive Elastic Stack based solutions to our customers in an even more versatile manner, says Yrjö Kinnunen, Director of Cyber Security Awareness at Insta.

– Elastic Stack has been one of the leading search and analytics platforms for a decade. In recent years, the product has advanced by leaps and bounds in the field of cyber security, and now includes functionalities such as SIEM, Endpoint, Cloud Security and a Threat Intelligence Platform. Elastic Stack also integrates seamlessly to other technologies through a comprehensive API, says Senior Cyber Security Architect Lassi Kojo from Insta.

– The flexibility of the solution in different environments is also a clear benefit. A particular competitive advantage is that all the features of the software can be run in the cloud, the client’s own data centre or an entirely closed network. We also appreciate that Elastic International BV conducts its own information security research that continues to improve the product’s performance, Kojo adds.

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