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New Insta Key Vault key management service – Insta presents its comprehensive information security and situational picture solutions at Critical Communications World

Insta, a specialist in smart technology and cyber security, presents its new services and products at Critical Communications World, an event arranged at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on May 23–25, 2023 - booth  E75.

Cyber security

- The modern security environment is complex with its various systems. We are managing information security and reliable communications for companies, authorities, the defence sector and actors in charge of critical infrastructure, all while maintaining an extensive scope and constantly seeking new solutions. Our new solutions, such as the Insta Key Vault key management service, enable the centralized, secure, and simple management of critical data, says Mika Suvanto, Product Manager for Insta’s Key Vault service.

The professional event arranged in Helsinki this year gathers together international, task, and business critical actors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Insta will be at booth E75. We will be presenting our versatile cyber security services and situational picture solutions.

New Insta Key Vault – Manage your encryption keys and protect your data

Enterprises and authorities commonly utilize several different solutions and ICT environments (cloud, hybrid, and SaaS) where data needs to be protected by means of strong encryption. While encrypting the data may be simple, carrying out secure, simple, and sustainable key management is not. As cyber threats increase, controlling the entire process securely is becoming even more important.

Insta’s new Key Vault key management service provides secure and efficient processes as well as reliable tools for encryption key management, centrally and from just one source. When all encryption keys are centrally managed and the information being protected is stored separately from the encryption keys, this enables the safer use of cloud services as well as for transferring data to another platform.

- The new Insta Key Vault service supports the ever-increasing information security and cyber security requirements in full and in a cost-effective manner. Instead of investing in the installation and processes related to complex specialist equipment, they can focus on their own core business. The service is provided from our audited service centers under the exact control and oversight of Insta’s top experts. It can be scaled and tailored flexibly in order to meet the various needs, Suvanto explains.

Insta Blue Aware™ - Even more comprehensive and exact situational data

Insta Blue Aware™ combines information from various data sources in order to create a shared, consistent, and map-based situational picture. In addition to the situational picture, it provides tools for mission control and secure communication.

The Insta Blue Aware™ situational awareness system, offering efficient situational leadership and tools for task management, has been updated with a new software version. The latest version enables enriching drone-provided video images with the other situational data provided by the system. In practice, users will see this as overlays of other situational information in the form of icons and drawings on top of the video images. New features also include easier customization for various customer needs and improved communication channel (voice and chat) properties.

- All of the features in the new version aim at making situational awareness and leadership even more efficient. Combining drone video and map-based situational data, for example, allows for visualizing the situation more quickly, says Blue Aware™ expert Mika Lignell from Insta.

Insta SafeLink product family – encryption devices up to category TL III

Insta SafeLink Lite, a new product launched this year, allows for a new and safe way of working regardless of location. This new encryption product representing state-of-the-art Finnish technology enables the strong encryption and processing of classified data up to security class III (TL III).

The compact & quiet encryption device fits both small spaces and vehicles on land, in the air, and at sea. The device is optimal for encrypting confidential data for an individual user during remote work, for example. The product is also available as a comprehensive service from Insta’s security and quality certified service center.

A frontrunner in cyber security

Insta offers a wide range of cyber security services from consulting to cyberattack prevention and from network security to the secure digital identity of persons and devices. Our services, products, and broad international partner network are trusted by corporations and public sector organizations in Finland and abroad.

Welcome to meet our experts and learn about Insta’s comprehensive cyber security and situational picture solutions.

Critical Communications World May 23–25, 2023Register here!

Read more: https://www.critical-communications-world.com/

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