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A comprehensive cyber security partner

Cyber security

Insta is one of the most significant providers of cybersecurity services in Finland. We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services, from consulting to cyber attack prevention, and from network security to ensuring the safe digital identity of individuals and devices.

We are a trusted cyber security partner for security critical companies and organizations

Cyber security is a necessity for organizations to operate effectively. Digitalization, tightening regulations and increasing cyber crime increase the need for unwavering focus on cyber security in both businesses and the public sector.

With decades of experience, we provide comprehensive services from our certified service center. Our experts, facilities, and operational methods are proven to deliver reliable solutions and services tailored to high-security environment.

Our services, products, and broad international partner network are trusted by corporations and public sector organizations in Finland and abroad. Our strength lies in solid expertise, and productized services.

Insta Security Operations Center
Cyber security expert

Professional and reliable partner

Cyber security is an integral part of the national security of supply. Our services protect dozens of nationally critical organizations, and Insta's products, supplied by our partners, are utilized on all continents.

Our customer satisfaction is top-notch. We operate closely with our customers, developing our products and services based on their needs. Through our extensive partner network, we combine the best technologies in the industry to tailor solutions that best fit our customers.

Cyber security

Insta - worth your trust

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Certified experts

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Security audited facilities, products and services

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Certified service center

ISO 27001, ISO 9001

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