Cyber situational awareness

Cyber Resilience Act

The objective of the new European Cyber Resilience Act is to ensure that the design, development, and maintenance of hardware and software products consider the appropriate cyber security requirements. Furthermore, it makes it easier for users to evaluate products’ level of cyber security when making choices on which products to use. Compliance with the obligations must be indicated with an appropriate CE marking.

The Cyber Resilience Act applies to all software and hardware products with digital elements that include a data connection to a device or network. However, it does not apply to products that are subject to other Union legislation as well as open-source software developed or supplied outside the course of a commercial activity. 

The Cyber Resilience Act is expected to enter into force in 2024, and manufacturers must apply the rules 36 months after their entry into force. Following the application of the Act, the covered products may only be placed on the market if they meet their essential requirements laid down in the Act throughout their life cycle. 

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